I bit my tongue 

A week ago

It is still sore there now

What remains from a luscious, wet memory of you

I bit it as I slipped out

Something I shouldn’t have said 

Like a sign from god that I should have never 

Let teeth, tongue, and lips 

Make such brash statements 

About you

You couldn’t stand it

Changed the topic

Frowned at the floor

While you mopped up the red wine 

I spilled 

You have an eye for 

My storm

You know when it’s coming 

Sense it in your arthritic bones like rain on wind

I know you will look back on this and wonder why

I smiled

Stuck my finger in my mouth

Tasted my own blood

I’m not an antagonist  

But there’s a few things I think you should know

I pour salt on my own wounds