When You Are Old(er)

When you are older
You don’t see old faces
Just young faces you know
With wrinkles Saran-wrapped around their features
And fake white beards glued on
You never even thought when you were younger
That your friends would too get old
You had an illogical notion that
All of your friends would stay, and appear
Exactly twenty five years old

The chilly moments
Are the ones
Where the Saran-wrapped, beard-glued folks
Start really acting like old people

Talking about
Conservative values and
Fixed rate mortgages

That’s when you think about tugging on the beard

But for the most part

You just see eyes
And a t-shirt
And a jean jacket
And the boy you knew
Who would run his fingers
Through his cool skater boy hair
And talk about how
No one really understands Kurt Cobain