How does it feel
To be inclusive
How does it feel
When everyone is invited to the party?

It feels like
Holding hands with eyes closed

Like everyone standing in the perfect center of a circle

It feels like the color spectrum
Fully realized in way
That makes you see new colors

It feels like pure happiness
Radiating from hands in hands

Or, if there are no hands
Hearts in hearts


The dominant means for perception
Are not the only means for perception
Did you not know that one can
Touch to see
Sign to talk
And roll to run?

There are worlds unknown to you
Nooks and crannies
Nuance of gestural language
Finding rapturous joy in the discovery
Of adaptation

There are so many means for perceiving
And enjoying
Left yet to be turned over
So many uncharted paths
To take in our world

Slowly we build bridges of understanding
Make new tools
Shift the culture
Make windows where there were walls

Humans are change adept
We can live in the coldest
And hottest parts of this earth
And survive

Consider what we can achieve
When given the small leg-up
Of a ramp
An interpreter
Printing in braille

It is time to build a window
Where there was a wall