A welcomed wake-up call
At 7:01 pm last night
Awake from waking life
Warm-wrapped light, gone
The tv shut off, the house gave a sigh
Heart-pang winter wind howling is the only sound left
I said “uh oh” and you let out a huff
The dogs didn’t move, as if to say, “Yes, this is what we have been waiting for”
All is slow now
A luxuriating, cold-syrup kind of slow
I light a fire and candles
Read you, “What a Young Woman Ought to Know” from 1893
And we discover that this is the decade in which women are encouraged to consider
Leaving behind the antiquated tradition of riding side-saddle
And while these young women step boldly into a straddle
We straddle old world and new
Oil lamps and cell phones
So relieved to be
By the new ways
Remember, briefly
When we were workers
Makers and doers
And not just on-lookers
After my recitation
We squint at each other in the near-darkness
Pick up each of our phones
And sink back into the silence
It is so difficult to ride side-saddle
When you have been so freely straddling a constant media stream
At a galloping speed
For so long