I was riding in the shuttle back to the airport to catch
Yet another shuttle to Aspen
I was antsy and felt badly for the two other passengers,
(Both silent, elderly, white males)
As I already stank of vinegary sweat and sandalwood
Every few moments, I would look up from the totally cliché Bryson novel I was
Reading about the Appalachian Trail
And peer to mountains in the distance
Just past the dense foreground of
Applebees, community colleges and dentist offices

I have a hard time traveling alone
If only because I have to stifle
Intermittent urges to double fist pump my arms
In front of strangers
“Yeahhhhh…. Mountainsssss”
I say to myself, eyes temporarily closed

When I finally disembark from my final shuttle
I get out, stretch my whole body and let out an involuntary growl
Here they are; the unadulterated mountains
Unimprovable in their beauty and magnitude
Available to me to adore and conquer
I want to hold it in
But I don’t manage it
I scream at them
My fellow riders
Stare at me, expressionless
Extend the arms of their rollaway luggage and leave me
I stare at them for a moment, arms still ended in the air
And pivot back in the opposite direction

“Yeahhh… mountainssss”

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