Beautiful things are cruel when you are sad
The sun still rises, despite your broken heart
As if to say, “I don’t care how you feel”
This is just what I do
But I’d like to make a pact
To say
When my mother dies
Everyone shall mourn
There will be no sunrise
No flowers
No perfect snows
Nature will sign a document; tea soaked parchment paper
With the edges burned off, like you did in the fifth grade
Stating that:
All things will remain in reverent memoriam, until my grief is good and done
There will be only
Rain, dead leaves and sympathetic, silent birds
Gathered In her name

Regarding matters less grave:
There’s a document I’d like to have my dentist sign
Which states
No one shall ever play Miley Cyrus while I am getting my teeth drilled
There is nothing more vulgar
More patronizing
Than a pop song
When you are in pain