There was something about him;
Raw, sexy, fecund
He made me want something more than comfort
More than some sweatless union in clean sheets

Something with hair and sweat and spittle
Something unaware of its own filth
Unblushing , indulgent and sweet

I make my lips a perfect ring
And suck in the smell of him
A combination not unlike
Dirt, pepper and milk
Touch him with motions less economical
Languid, meandering paths on his back
Somewhere between kissing and talking
We rest for a moment
Nose to nose
Take drags from the same tiny cloud of air
His body flinches
It’s electric eel jerk
And now I know he is really asleep
Which leaves me
The opportunity
To revel in the gesture of
Full-body touch
As metaphor
Which I do with relish

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