You know me

I have an incredible sense of urgency

The type that lets me enjoy nothing

And anticipate everything

The kind takes perverse pleasure in peeling open the blossom

Long before it’s willing

The urge for the next

Is so strong

That if you held my hand

And I decided I must be on

I might gladly gnaw my arm off at the shoulder to steal away

There’s a discipline in the ripening of a thing

That is foreign to me

The little prince waits each day as the fox draws nearer

I’m the guy who ran him off

You were supposed to be here

A half hour ago

To take me to dinner

I repainted my nails

Smoked two cigarettes

And wrote a poem

I thought about

Spitefully running out the back door

And heading to the grocery to buy milk

Or maybe to get a short run in

Or anything that is more productive than this

But instead, I sit and watch clouds go by from the second story window

Pretend I am on a massive ship

At sea alone

Just enjoying the sound of the water

Lapping the hull planking

Or perhaps I invent an emergency there, too

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