Exponential Growth In Nature

After sixty three miles of riding

My ass bones hurt

So I get off

Walk to the middle of a scratchy field

And squat to pee

Ohio is flat and farms are only allowed on tree a piece

So there’s no place to hide

But I don’t mind baring my ass

To the crows or other nameless birds

Because I’m not ashamed

I like it out here

Even though it’s not pretty

There’s something nice about a space


There’s room for everything

To uncurl in a big open space

And so I let my heart do it


Like the nautilus with its

Self-similar spiral curve

Growing as it unravels


I don’t even realize

Until crop winds crackle what’s left of corn stalks

That I’m standing with my shorts down

Palms open

Facing the sunset

And when I come out of it

I’m not ashamed

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